Research & collaboration

Umeco is research and collaboration

Quite simply, research and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We participate in and lead a wide range of collaborative research and technology projects, working alongside customers, suppliers, universities, research technology organisations and more, Umeco has two collaborative research and technology hubs; one based in the UK (Heanor, Derbyshire), run from its state-of-the-art Technology Centre, and another in the USA (Tulsa), both supporting Umeco's global aim in delivering real advantage.

Our research activity includes higher-risk research projects as well as longer-term return and close-to-market focused product development. Many of these projects are supported by a number of public sector agencies, including the UK Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (through the technology Strategy Board), UK MoD, European Commision (EEC) (through the framework programmes, currently FP7), US, DoD, DoE and US State Funding. Other internally funded collaborative ventures involve working closely with both industrial and academic partners, developing novel technologies and bespoke products.

Through these ground-breaking projects we're able to work closely with a wide range of existing and potential customers, demonstrating our products and technologies within a close collaborative environment. This approach also enables exchange of technologies across various market sectors, including aeronautics, space, automotive, rail transport, energy, construction, defence and marine.

Umeco is a member of the following organisations:

Umeco also collaborate and participates in steering groups across various UK universities

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